Translation service using industry-standard CAT tools ...

    - translation memory tools enable style & lexicon consistency throughout a project
    - terminology management process helps ensure a consistent use of technical terms
    - TMX capabilities for management of existing and on-going translation memory database

    We are ready

    With over 10 years of expertise in computer-aided translation, we are proud to offer our cost-efficient translation service using a variety of industry-standard translation memory tools.

    Our editing/proofing process follows a world-class editorial style guide to ensure your localised work is highly appreciated in the global market.

    • Styleguide-based proofing
    • Local compatibility ensured
    • Reader-oriented linguistic styles
    Soft-text editing/proofing Provides annotated editing for easy QA and future improvements
    We can provide edited texts and graphics in PDF and annotated PDF formats
    Space awareness
    Our experience with English-Thai localisation allows us to proactively adjust texts/phrases to suit the space they appear. This is especially useful when localising Thai texts into software or games. 

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