Wordduct Company Limited offers a complete localisation solution for only one language, Thai. We help our multi-language partners and international clients ensure their Thai versions are at their best : locality, temporality, price.


    About Wordduct

    Established in 1993, Wordduct Company Limited comprises a team of localisation professionals with over a hundred years of collective experience in translation, software localisation, desktop publishing, and project management. By localising only into their mothertongue, the team members have established a high-quality linguistic standard that reflects the years of experience in the international industry and our expertise in the language. Wordduct expertise in Thai is trusted by many leading international localisers.

    Just as general as one of our keywords, we often tell our clients that we simply do translation work from English to Thai and vice versa. In most cases this is enough to have all the requirements checked, but more than often we also respond to a wide array of specifics. Either it is cultural evaluation or linguistic reviews, traditional translation, or participation in language processing tasks, we have the right people to handle the jobs, ensuring perhaps not the best quality available on earth, but something very satisfying by all standards.

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