What could possibly be better than having fun with language AND get the business, too? Wordduct people take pride in their privileged jobs of conveying the meaning across and making the words sound better in our own language. Yes, we are an experienced and dedicated team of translators, editors, and proofreaders working on English-Thai and Thai-English localization. The idea of single-language vendor keeps the team tight and streamlined and enables us to take the full responsibility of our work. Because that's what we are best at!

Having "fun" as we are, our team is no less serious about how well our work is carried out. With almost a hundred years of collective experience in localization and global-level linguistic standards, we can come up with fancy things like 'processes,' 'quality control,' or 'quality assurance' to keep you assured while we play.

"Thailand" spells a unique business opportunity. For you. Despite the changes and uncertainties, the nation's fundamentals are still intact and growing. Basically, people still enjoy incredibly-spicy foods, and elephants still roam the streets, in seasons though. Landed in our newly finished Suvannabhumi Airport, you still get to see stray smiles on Thai faces. At the crowded floating market, people still sell colorful fruits in their boats despite no one buying.

Anyway, in short, Thailand is in most ways a market. And whether you are a major manufacturer of electronic products from abroad or a local Thai entrepreneur looking for a new position in the market, we are here to help you. But why is it a big deal to localise Thai? Why is it painful to prepare a DTP work in Thai? We will try to answer that (and convince you to use our help) in the upcoming articles... Please check back regularly.

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